Music Publishers Sue Roblox for $200 Million



Roblox Receives a $200 Million Lawsuit For Illegally Using Copyright Music

Roblox has had a growing player base ever since it first launched in 2006. We’ve seen plenty of new gear and weapons, while there are constantly new features added to the game. However, the ability of members to pay for uploading music to the platform has been brought into question.

The National Music Publishers’ Association has discovered a neat trick by Roblox to have the latest music without paying for a license. It makes millions from members for uploading tunes, but there’s no mechanism in place to protect copyright songs. For instance, you may hear new music from top artists like Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande.

Music Publishers Sue Roblox for $200 Million

As such, the NMPA has now launched a lawsuit of $200 million against Roblox. It says these should cover the damages caused against the artists while suggesting it put alerts in place for members using copyright material. The organization states it’s unfair for the company to make money from commercial properties while not paying any royalties.

Roblox has yet to comment on the lawsuit. There are several music agencies involved in the claim, such as Concord Music Group, Big Machine Records, and MPL Music Publishing. Now the big question remains as to whether we’ll see a change on the platform with regards to uploading music. We’re expecting the company to put a hold on this function until the matter is sorted.

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